Terms of Service

By agreeing to purchase a product from Desert Fizz and sending payment, you are indicating that you (the client) are legally an adult (over 18 years old) and have read and agree to all of the terms outlined below. 


Customer Service Guarantee

You should always expect nothing less than professionalism and transparency from your fursuit maker, and that is exactly what we will deliver. Any correspondence the client makes will be prioritized and replied to at the earliest convenience. No questions will go unanswered. No photos will be withheld. No messages will be left on read. No issues will be met with indifference.

Work In Progress Photos

Work in Progress photos will be happily sent as per clients request. 


Desert Fizz is owned by a sole proprietor who works full time (8 hours a day, Monday through Friday) with an independent contractor who works part time at the moment, but will be switching to full time soon. That being said, turnaround time is fairly quick (under 6 months) and the biggest delays will be awaiting shipment of materials, which can take up to 6 weeks.

There are no deadline fees if the deadline is 4 months or more from the date of payment. However, should the customer want a deadline of less than 4 months at the time of payment, an additional rush fee will be tacked on. This timeframe varies by queue size.


Desert Fizz is 100% committed to producing quality suits and maintaining good standing with all clients: past, present and future. For that reason, every commissioned fursuit comes with a warranty for the duration of ownership. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, AS THESE ARE THE COVERAGES OUTLINED:

 - In the rare event that any damage occurring during construction that went unnoticed

 - Popping of stitches during normal wear and tear during the first three months of use

 - Poor adhesion of suit components. This is rare, but can happen at times, and should the fault be determined to lie with the maker, it is covered.

Shipping will be covered by the maker in the first three months after the suit is delivered. After three months, it is up to the client to cover the cost of shipping.

Warranty Does not Cover:

 - Damage from heavy/inappropriate use

 - Damage from modifying/refurbishing suit

 - Damage from improper care (Putting suit in the dryer, etc)

Warranty Becomes Void/Invalid when:

 - Ownership of the suit changes hands. The new owner is not covered 

 - Modification or refurbishment has been done on the suit



All prices are final. Payments are processed via Stripe ONLY and require a debit or credit card to process. I no longer use Paypal. This is not negotiable.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are accepted. A 40% upfront deposit is required right away, and is non-refundable. Installments are flexible, and up to the client based on what they can pay in the agreed upon intervals.

The commission will not be delivered until the client has paid in full.



If work has not been started, and materials have yet to be ordered, a 100% refund can be issued. This is the only case in which a full refund can be processed.

If the client requests a refund after the materials have been ordered, but before the suit has been started on, the deposit will not be refunded, but the remaining 60% will be.

Once work has been started, there is no option for a refund. Any items that are rejected or returned by post will be held for six weeks while a contact attempt will be made with the client. If, after six weeks, there is no response, the suit will be put on auction.


Desert Fizz reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time, but this is most likely going to occur before any payment has been collected. 

Reasons for cancellation include:

 - Client not 18 or older, or found to be lying about their age

 - Client is rude and/or difficult to work with

 - Client's expectations are found to be much higher than what can reasonably be delivered

Client reserves the right to cancel their commission at any time, however, the refund policy should be taken into consideration before this decision is made.

Issues During Transit 

All packages are insured for full value, meaning that should a rare but unfortunate delivery issue occur with the transit company (UPS/FedEx), the client has the option of being refunded the insured payout of the package, or can opt to use that money in construction of a new suit. This is completely up to the discretion of the client, and is only applicable in cases where the carrier assumes full responsibility and pays out.