* * * Prices vary based on complexity. The starting price is for simple designs and common species. Expect this price to be higher proportional to additional details. Prices are in USD.


Plantigrade - Starts at $2500

Digitigrade - Starts at $3100

Partials - Includes head, handpaws, and tail

Without feet paws - Starts at $1300

With feet paws - Starts at $1500

3/4 Suits

Plantigrade - Starts at $2000

Digitigrade - Starts at $2500


Start at $1000

Heads are all foam based and lined with lycra. Tongues are all made of felt.

Options include:

 - Eye style: Flat or Follow-me

 - Jaw: Static or partially moveable

 - Teeth: Hard (Sculpey) or soft (Fleece) teeth


Start at $120

Options include:

  - Claws: Resin, Fleece, or No claws at all

 - Pawpads: Rubber, Vinyl, fleece, or Soft mink

 - Style: Puffy paws or flat glove

 - 4 finger or 5 finger


Start at $150

All feet paws are "sock-paw" style, and are universal fit.

Options include:

 - Indoor or Outdoor


Start at $60


Please contact for pricing.