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About us



Dash is the creator of Desert Fizz and has been making fursuits since 2013.  She is the one responsible for sales, social media outreach, answering questions and quote requests, and is the maker of all of the wonderful fursuit heads and plantigrade bodies you see in the gallery! She also collaborates with Anarchity on bodysuits.


You can contact her via telegram @DashCoyote 


If you wanna know who made those super comfortable plushy paws on your suit, or that perfect padding in your digi legs, chances are they were made by this talented bean!

Anarchity is a true veteran in the fursuit making business, as she has been in the biz since 2006! Her impressive gallery includes many body suits and paws that she's created even long before partnering with Desert Fizz.

You can contact her individually through Twitter @Anarchity.


Come watch us work!

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