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Please see TOS for information on payment plans, cancellation policy, refunds.

  If, after viewing both this page and the TOS, you still have an inquiry, please feel free to directly contact us. All methods of getting in touch can be found on the Contact page.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 12pm - 8pm CDT. 

How many employees does Desert Fizz have?

Currently, we are a two-person team. Check out the Meet Your Makers page for more info on who does what!

Do you have a Trello?

Yes we do!

What's your usual turnaround time?

Obviously, it depends on your place in queue, but once work begins on your suit, expect the turnaround to take between one and three weeks, depending on whether you ordered a partial or a fullsuit, and how detailed said suit is.

Can I get a suit rush ordered?

At this time we cannot accommodate rush orders, sorry.

How is your time managed on these projects?

Very meticulously.

I don't have a ref sheet. Can I still commission you?

Only if you wish to do an artistic freedom piece. Otherwise please have a ref sheet available that shows front and back for simplistic designs. For more complicated designs, a side view is required. Various art pieces of your character will not do. Also, please make sure your ref sheet isn't shaded!

Do you charge tax?

As of 11/22/2021, tax is included in price.

Are your prices open to negotiation?


Allergy warnings/Cleanliness concerns?

Your fursuit head is made in a nice, clean office.

If you are allergic to dogs, keep in mind we do have canine helpers around for moral support. Beyond the small chance of seeing an accidental dog fur, there are no cleanliness concerns. Neither Anah nor Dash smoke cigarettes, nor do we hand sew with cheeto dust on our fingers. Fur, foam, and polyfil are kept stowed away in a clean, dry place.

Do you do refurbishments?

Refurbishments are done on an individual basis, and don't require our form to be open to accept. Just message either one of us on telegram and we can discuss details, pricing, and whether or not a refurbishment is possible for us.

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